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77 6/9/2012 gospel the guidians bible
Liane Smith 
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Psalm 145:4 one generation will commend your works to another they will tell of your mighty acts psalm145:5 they will speak of the glorious splendour of your majesty and I will meditate on your wonderful works psalm145:6 they will tell of the power of your awesome works and I will proclaim your great deeds psalm145:7 they will celebrate your abundant goodness and joyfully sing of your righteousness

76 6/9/2012 gospel the guidians bible
mr richard thomas smith 
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Psalm 145 :1 I will exalt u my god the king I will praise your name forever & ever psalm 145:2 every day I will praise you and extol your name forever &ever psalm145:3 great is the lord and most worthy of praise his greatness no one can fathom

75 6/9/2012 Greeting!
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Hello in warm inspire joy to greet you and wish best prosper and blessing over us and over Jerusalem with peace and glory and rest in deed,,this in my point right now for love to Jerusalem too and for us all in Christ,thanks and bless,keijo sweden

74 17/8/2012 poem
Liane Bethan Davies 
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The promises of man may fail but gods promises prevail in this uncertain world of trouble with its sorrow sin & strife man needs a haven for his heart to endure the storms of life .he keeps hoping for a promise of better bigger things with the power & the prestige that fame &fortune brings & the world is rife with promises that
are fast& falsely spoken for man in his deceptive way knows his promise can be broken but when god makes a promise it remains forever true for everything god promi ses it remains forever true for everything god promises he unalterably will do so read the promises that will never fail or falter & inherit everlasting life which even death can't alter & when you're disillusioned & every hope is blighted recall the promises of god & your faith will be relighted knowing there's one lasting promise on which man can depend & that's the promise of salvation & a life that has no end.

73 15/8/2012 Hell and Heaven
Tricia Borio 
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Was very touched by the movie, we want to share the movie with everyone that we know- Thank you for doing a documentary like this it is a real eye opener for the unbeliever- THERE IS A REAL HEAVEN AND HELL and it is was created for the devil and his angels not sons and daughters of god. Thanks again- Trish Borio

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