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Recommendations for Roger French

Roger French has lectured at Christ For The Nations Bible College for ten years and his teaching has been well received by students from all over the world. Roger has taught in many churches and conferences throughout the UK and abroad and has been a source of help and inspiration to many people. I have found his teaching to be Biblically sound, challenging and faith building."

Rev. Kevin Swadling, Founder and Principal of Christ For The Nations Bible College

"Having known Roger French for many years we have found him to be a man of great principle; a man with a love of God’s Word; a man whose heart is for the Body of Christ to move in truth. We have found his teaching to be sound, insightful and inspirational. He has particular insight into the Second Coming of Christ, which is Biblically based, and anointed by the Holy Spirit."

Joe and Ruth Hawkey, Itinerant Bible Teachers, UK.

"I have known Roger French for over 20 years, and have seen him develop both in his gifting and in his maturity in Christ. He is a devoted Christian, and pastor, with a deep and abiding love for the Word of God. I believe him to be totally committed to teaching the Word of God accurately, and to that end gives himself to the study of the Scriptures. He has a very good grasp of a wide range of Biblical doctrines, and a proven ability to communicate them in an easy to understand manner.

As well as lecturing at a local Bible college he also has taught many times in our own church and in many others. He is always well received, and his teaching welcomed. I would have no problem recommending him to any church or organisation seeking an endorsement of his teaching, and recommend him as a person of integrity and maturity in our Lord Jesus Christ."

Pastor John M France, The King’s Gate Church (formerly known as The Chichester Christian Fellowship) UK

Dr Richard Kent, Itinerant Bible Teacher, UK "Rev Roger French’s Bible teaching is amongst the best Bible teaching I have heard in over 30 years. I am delighted that my friend Roger has kindly agreed to make these studies freely available, and believe they will be an enormous help to believers all over the world, "

Dr Richard Kent, Bible Teacher, the author of this web site.
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