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Dr Richard & Mrs Val Kent
The Final Frontier Charitable Trust,
Living Word Church
PO Box 231
GU32 9DP
Web site: www.freechristianteaching.org

Dr Richard Kent is a retired medical doctor aged 65 and Val is a nurse. Richard is a Guest Presenter on Revelation TV. They are evangelists and Bible teachers, providing entirely free conferences in churches and organisations in 27 countries. They are often accompanied by Rev Roger French, their own pastor, a lecturer at Christ for the Nations Bible College, UK.

Richard and Roger send free DVD worldwide, see www.freechristianteaching.org.

All of Richard’s material, and Roger’s free Bible Teaching, are freely available on www.freechristianteaching.org as well as Richard’s two books, The Final Frontier and Beyond The Final Frontier, which have been translated into eight languages. In addition Richard also appears with many other doctors in the Cinema movies The Lazarus Phenomenon and The Final Frontier about Near Death Experiences, both made by a Hollywood film producer, and free DVD’s of these two movies are now available. A special shortened version of these two movies is available world wide called “When you die, would you like to go to Heaven?” in which both Richard and Roger both appear.

At Revelation TV, Richard has made many 57 minute TV documentaries on the subjects below. These may be freely viewed on the website, and free DVD’s are also available worldwide. In the last 12 months 14,000 DVD’s were printed, and were sent free to over 50 countries.

Richard and Val work from a registered UK charity. They have provided free conferences in churches and organisations in Death Row in the Philippines (their main mission), the UK, the USA, South Africa, Kenya, Sierra Leone, Pakistan, India, Belgium, Bulgaria, Barbados, Trinidad, Jamaica, Grenada, St Kitts, St Croix, St Vincent, and the US Virgin Isles. Richard has spoken on TV and radio both in the UK and abroad. They always bring with them a laptop and projector, ready to give PowerPoint illustrated lectures on all the subjects below.

Richard also teaches whole churches how to actually do really effective Personal Evangelism in homes, hospitals, shopping malls, parks, beaches, taxis, airports, trains, prisons, or anywhere! Church members are amazed at how quickly they learn this childishly simple strategy! Unbelievers do not come to church! We need to go to them, exactly as Jesus taught His disciples, and always practised Himself!

1. “When you die, would you like to go to Heaven?” Accounts of Heaven and Hell from people who have been resuscitated after death. Biblical descriptions of Heaven and Hell, and how to go to Heaven (57 minutes)

2. Evangelism is Easy. How to easily and effectively speak to others about Jesus Christ (57 minutes)

3. The Genesis Account of Creation, including Dinosaurs, Carbon Dating, and Fossils (57 minutes)

4. Evolution is Impossible. Highly technical scientific evidence disproving evolution (57 minutes)

5. Archaeological Discoveries: Noah’s Ark, Sodom and Gomorrah, the Crossing of the Red Sea, Mount Sinai, and the Ark of the Covenant, discovered by Ron Wyatt, confirmed by Dr Lennart Moller (57 minutes)

6. The Crucifixion. Detailed medical description, and Jesus’ Blood on the Mercy Seat (57 minutes)

7. The Shroud of Turin proves the Resurrection! The Shroud is authentic, and scientifically proves the Resurrection of Jesus Christ. The additional radiation discovered by Carbon Dating explained (57 minutes)

8. The Supernatural Origin of the Bible, or “God wrote the Bible”. Biblical codes and numerics (57 minutes)

9. What does God think about Abortion? With Dr Tahira Saleem, a Consultant Gynaecologist (57 minutes)

10. Biblical End Times Prophecy. Scripture for the pre-tribulation rapture of believers in this last generation, dating from May 1948 (the rebirth of Israel) before the Tribulation, and the Second Coming (57 minutes)

11. Money. Bible based study, with a personal testimony. This is NOT the prosperity gospel! (57 minutes)

12. How to receive a miracle, and operate in faith, as taught by Jesus Christ, Elijah and Elisha (57 minutes)
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