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John Wright International Director, FGBMFI

5Former Bank Chairman and Massey Ferguson Tractor Dealer John has had an exciting and varied career. Educated at some of the best schools and universities, as a bachelor of 32 it seemed as if he had a brilliant career before him.

A period of tribulation balanced by many great blessings, businesess collapsed, he went through the desert experience of two years of unemployment, John suffered cancer and finally the underserved humiliation of prison. All this has built a man of faith and endurance whose sense of humour has never left him.

His testimony will move you from tears to laughter and will be an encouragement to anyone.

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‘Talking to Strangers.’
This 50 minute DVD is available as a free DVD from our charity, please click on here

‘This is typical John Wright. He talks about what most of us are frightened of doing with humour and a fund of stories. These show how God can open up opportunities to speak for him in all sorts of situations. John has his own way of doing this (as he says), but there are simple principles here that all of us need to heed.’
Rt Rev Gavin Reid, Former Bishop of Maidstone and Director of Mission England

‘This DVD is full of helpful tips and advice and encouragement on speaking about Christ to those we meet who are strangers. I commend it to you.'
Canon Roger Simpson, Archbishop's Evangelist to the Northern Province.

'So many Christians seemed to have taken literally what Jesus said to three disciples 'see that you don't tell no one'! Well, my friend John Wright is not one of those. John Wright is an original and watching this DVD will make you feel uncomfortable. But I hope it will inspire you to see your responsibility in conveying and communicating the Good News of Jesus Christ to others, regardless of how inconvenient it may feel.'
Canon J. John - www.philotrust.com

‘Every Christian should watch this DVD. John Wright’s teaching – laced with moving and often humorous stories – should inspire us all to have a go at witnessing to strangers. I don’t know anyone who has a greater gift for this than John. He is an extraordinarily fruitful soul-winner and a mightily anointed prophetic evangelist. You will want to step out of the boat once you’ve watched this. It’s dynamite!’
Rev Dr Mark Stibbe – Author of ‘Prophetic Evangelism’

‘John Wright is an excellent communicator of the Gospel of Jesus Christ and has a humorous way of expressing his faith which is infectious. The Lord has gifted him as a prophetic evangelist and he sees amazing results. Watching this DVD will help all of us to get out of our comfort zones and share our faith whenever and wherever. I thoroughly recommend this DVD - be inspired and motivated with John’s boldness for Christ.’
Terry Baker, Senior Pastor, River of Life Church, Felixstowe.

‘This DVD by John Wright reminds us of the call on our lives to be witnesses in our own individual way. As John points out, God will bring people to us when he knows that we will be ready to share the gospel. He also reminds us that there will be a reward for our obedience, and the consequences of disobedience. At times we need a spiritual "kick in the pants," and this teaching may well do that for you as it did for me. After watching the DVD I gave our postman a Voice magazine! ‘
Peter Spreckley Chairman, Full Gospel Business Men’s Fellowship International (UK)

‘Wow, what a challenge! Renewed Catholics will be mightily equipped and fired up by this humble but very persuasive message.’
David Payne, Director of Catholic Evangelisation Service.

We have recently shown the DVD 'How to Witness to Strangers' by John Wright. Not only was this an engaging presentation of a very challenging subject but it also gave practical teaching on how we as Christians can respond to the prompting of the Holy Spirit and begin sharing the joy of knowing God as Father to those we meet - just like Jesus did! John's clearly explained experiences authenticate and bring vibrancy to the message he shares. We are hopeful that there will be fruit in the lives of all who were present. I highly recommend it as a resource to encourage and motivate God's people to be the 'church without walls!' "
David Adams - Pastor at Witard Road Baptist Church, Norwich.

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