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Alan Vincent – founder of PropheticAlert

Alan has been a spirit-filled Christian since 1974. He became a Christian while attending Secondary School in South Africa, and subsequently attended the Berea Theological College in Irene Pretoria. Alan practiced as a financial advisor and senior manager in various insurance companies in South Africa, and the United Kingdom. He subsequently studied Information Technology and Internet Marketing and now applies this knowledge to further various campaigns on the Internet to promote the gospel of Jesus Christ.

photo 1

Evangelism Committee at the Berea Theological College – Pretoria, South Africa

Alan has a prophetic and a teaching gifting. He worked with Youth for Christ for ten years and toured South Africa as Music Director and Assistant Leader of the official Youth for Christ outreach group, New Song. The band comprised an International team of musicians from South Africa, the United States, Zimbabwe, and England.


Press release photo taken in Harare, Zimbabwe during New Song’s six week tour.

Alan has fulfilled various church leadership roles, and has always been an active member of local churches in various cities in South Africa and the United Kingdom. In 1997 he and his family relocated to the United Kingdom.

Alan has always had a great interest in Theology and the development of the church. He progressively became aware that Christianity is being undermined by false teaching, the preaching a pseudo-gospel, and a lack of biblical doctrine. He coined the phrase ‘designer Christianity’ – a phrase that describes a modern day gospel of self gratification; a ‘gospel’ of humanism; one that teaches relative rather than absolute truth.

His work is designed to bring the centrality of Jesus Christ, the teachings of the Bible, and a return to Christian doctrine back into focus.

The church of Jesus Christ is under siege and the ecumenical movement, seeker friendly church model, the emergent church, new age movements and many other pseudo-christian movements, are undermining the integrity of the gospel of Jesus Christ, and the Bible as the finite source of truth. Behind all this is the enemy of our soul, Satan, who comes as an angel of light; the father of lies, and disguised as a wolf in sheep’s clothing.

The apostate church has arrived. The one-world false, apostate religion is upon us. The move to gather all Protestant churches under one umbrella is being headed up by Rome and the Roman Catholic Church. There is much to be concerned about and now, more than ever before, there is a need for the righteous to stand up and be counted. The final onslaught on the church has begun as we rapidly approach the end of this age.

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Freemasons, Global Crisis, Globalization, Humanism, Illuminati, Islam, Media Mind
Control, New World Order, Occultism, Pharmaceutical Industry, Population Control,
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the Internet, the Pentagon, War.





There is a Trojan Horse in the Church

The Gospel, the Great Commission, the Bible, Jesus the Messiah, Law & Grace, Videos,
Three Worlds, False Gospel, New Mystics, Music & Satanism, Satan & his attributes, the
Whore of Babylon, Blog.


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Testimony of a Mason, Catholics and Freemasonry, Videos.


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Cults, Christianity, Islam, Money & Global Economics, Paganism, Secret Societies.


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