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new Dr Richard Kent - Free Teachings and Interviews

newChris Wickland & Paul Noble - The New Testament Church and Healing on the Streets
newDerek and Hilary Walker - A Guide to Receiving Your Healing

What was it like to be crucified? (Interview)
Biblical Archaeology, with Rev Roger French
Chronology, Archaeology and Hanukkah with Derek Walker and Val Kent
Life in the Womb from a Biblical Perspective (interview with Yemi Balogun)
Miracles in the Bible (interview with Joyanna Lovelock)
When you die, would you like to go to Heaven?
Near Death Experiences (interview 2011 with Yemi Balogun)
Creation, The Genesis Account
Evolution is Impossible!
Interview about Evolution 2011
Archaeological Discoveries
The Crucifixion of Jesus Christ
The Shroud of Turin (Interview)
What Does God think about Abortion?
The Bible is Supernatural
Evangelism is Easy
Pre-Tribulation Rapture PART 1
Pre-Tribulation Rapture PART 2
God's Supernatural Plans for your Money
The Lazarus Phenomenon - The Movie
The Final Frontier - The Movie
The Final Frontier - eBook
Beyond The Final Frontier - eBook
Near Death Experiences
What Happens when we Die? Part 1
What Happens when we Die? Part 2
How to Have a Miracle, with Yemi Balogun (Teaching)
Does God Still perform Miracles, with Birgit Whelan
Creation and Evolution 2009
Creation - The Genesis Account
The Crucifixion and Resurrection 2009
The Shroud of Turin proves the Resurrection
Death Row in the Philippines with Tom Chacko
Personal Testimony
The Pre-Tribulation Rapture in our Lifetime
The Rapture Debate No.2 2010 with Yemi Balogun
The Rapture debate 2009
The Rapture debate 2010
Christians and Money - 2008 with Howard Conder
Christians and Money - 2010 with Yemi Balogun
Gordon and Lorna Pettie Testimonies
Dreams and Visions about the Future
Don McAlvany on The World Economy
The Asian Pacific Children's Fund

Rev Roger French - Bible Teacher, Pastor

Tony Anthony - Evangelist, Avanti Ministries

Don McAlvany - The World Economy

Don and Molly McAlvany - Asian Pacific Children's Fund

Howard Conder, Revelation TV

Gordon and Lorna Pettie, Revelation TV

Yemi Balogun, Revelation TV

Doug Harris, Revelation TV

Derek Walker, Pastor, Oxford Bible Church

Simon Brown

Rev. Andrew Baguley Bible Teacher

John Wright International Director FGBMFI

Chris Wickland, Prophet

Mark Reid, Evangelist

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