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4. Evolution is Impossible > The Age Of The Sahara Desert

The Age Of The Sahara Desert

The Age Of The Sahara Desert
The Sahara Desert has what it is called a Prevailing Wind Pattern. This means that the prevailing wind over the Sahara desert almost always blows from the same direction. This creates a problem. The hot air that blows off the desert dehydrates the trees near the edge of the desert. These dehydrated trees die, and the area of dead trees in then incorporated into the desert, causing the Sahara desert to increase in size every year. This process is called "desertification".

The Sahara Desert is only 1300 miles North to South and it is growing at the rate of four miles per year. Geophysicists announced recently that "the Sahara Desert is about 4,000 years old" based on extensive studies of growth patterns of the Sahara desert, (quoted from the Potsdam Institute for Climate Impact Research in Germany. July 15, 1999 Geophysical Research Letters).

- If the Earth is billions of years old, why is there not an older desert on the Earth?

- Why is the oldest desert on Earth only 4,000 years old?

According to the Bible:

- God created the Heavens and the Earth 6,000 years ago approximately.

- 4,400 years ago there was a world wide Flood.

- As the crust of the Earth was broken up, and water ran off the land, the geography was dramatically altered.

- Quite soon the continents stabilised, and then vegetation started to grow again.

- According to Biblical teaching, we would therefore expect the oldest desert in the world to have an age of approximately 4,400 years, or younger.

- The 4,000 year old age of the Sahara Desert tends to confirm the Biblical account.
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Poster Thread
Posted: 10/9/2010 18:09  Updated: 11/9/2010 18:11
 Re: The Age Of The Sahara Desert
O_o Seriously?! Please don't lie.
And read the works before quoting them.

4k years old is the latest episode of desertification.

Sahara is 7 million years old according to latest estimates.

The bible is an alegory, a freakin story; it was written to INSPIRE the humanity, not step on it. Why do you feel you have to take to the letter? You are no different from any other religious fanatic from any other religion. And what's more, you only use what fits you. I bet that even if the bible says you sould not create no image of what's in this world or the other, you have (that's another alegory of course, it's meant to say you should only worship the Lord).

And what is even more astounding is that you have access to all the info you want, and still say these stuff.

And by the way, besides being an allegory, the bible is wrongly translated! Go study ancient script before spouting nonsense.

You bring shame to all decent christians...

Poster Thread
Posted: 28/3/2011 5:29  Updated: 29/3/2011 10:46
 Re: The Age Of The Sahara Desert
you bring shame to God

Poster Thread
Posted: 27/4/2011 19:34  Updated: 27/4/2011 20:38
 Re: The Age Of The Sahara Desert
I feel sorry for all you atheists out there who do not believe in the true word of God(that is the Bible in case you didn't know)! You don't know how good it is to live on this Earth now while God is still sustaining it. You will be sorry you did not believe in the bible when Jesus comes back to get the believers and when he will not be sustaining this 6000 year old earth anymore!!

Poster Thread
Posted: 22/5/2011 1:40  Updated: 22/5/2011 21:59
 Re: The Age Of The Sahara Desert
If the evidence we have isn't enough for you and you wish to believe in multiple "episodes" then fine, go be stupid somewhere else but don't call us liars because we don't believe your evolutionary tripe.

Your comments on the Bible are equally ignorant, you blind dumb dog!

Poster Thread
Posted: 25/10/2010 12:42  Updated: 26/10/2010 12:29
 Re: The Age Of The Sahara Desert

This is very interesting, not even hard to calculate, thanks for the information. Keep up the good work.

Poster Thread
Posted: 25/10/2010 12:56  Updated: 26/10/2010 12:29
 Re: The Age Of The Sahara Desert

I saw on BBC News the same topic.

"Using a new computer simulation of the Earth's climate, German scientists say that the Sahara underwent a brutal climate change about 4,000 years ago.

Over a very short time scale - possibly as short as 300 years - it went from grasslands with low shrubs to the desert we are familiar with today. Summer temperatures increased rapidly and rainfall almost ceased. The change devastated many ancient cultures and caused those that did survive to migrate elsewhere."


4000 years and 4400 years close I would say.

Poster Thread
Posted: 29/6/2011 11:09  Updated: 29/6/2011 12:12
 Re: The Age Of The Sahara Desert
I am so fortunate that I found your site. I will bookmark this. Furthermore, just wanted to express my gratitude to you for making this good concept.

Poster Thread
Posted: 7/7/2011 14:20  Updated: 7/7/2011 16:42
 Why is the namib Desert then stated as the oldest?

Poster Thread
Posted: 21/7/2011 7:00  Updated: 21/7/2011 10:37
 Re: Why is the namib Desert then stated as the oldest?
It is the people who wrote this whole sahara desert is the oldest are ignorant. Probably copied from some other ignorant Christian. I saw the same thing mentioned somewhere else and had to check that for myself. These are the same people who thing that the moon was touching the earth billion years ago.