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Our work in India > Jesus Heals Campaign in Hyderabad, India

Jesus Heals Campaign in Hyderabad, India

Jesus Heals Campaign in Hyderabad, India
The “Jesus Heals Campaign” in Hyderabad, India, January 2009,
by Simon Day, Team Member

In January 2009 a team of five Christians were invited to visit by The Kings Temple a very large church in Hyderabad, India. We were invited as members of the annual “Jesus Heals Campaign” in Hyderabad by the senior pastor, Pastor Raj, was a personal friend of Ron Hellyer, a well known UK evangelist. Ron went to be with the Lord in 2008, only a few months before the trip.

The team comprised Dr Richard Kent, Dave Moore, Louise Russell, Simon Day and Paul Pimenta. The team had first met each other at the first of two UK planning meetings for this Jesus Heals Campaign evangelistic campaign. We met up again at Gatwick, and flew via Dubai to Hyderabad, India.

Our mission in Hyderabad was to travel to three of the satellite churches, to help and support the pastors with evangelism, children’s work, worship leading, preaching and the ministry of healing and deliverance.

The team brought together a diversity of experiences, styles, and ministries. The team comprised some for whom India was a new experience, and others, such as Louise and me, who had previously travelled to India on a number of occasions. India is a land of challenge and surprise, and would offer each of us a chance to grow further; perhaps stepping out into new areas of ministry, or developing a greater sense of boldness.

A highlight for the team was the privilege of being welcomed into private homes of all types – from westernised flats and apartments, to village huts with straw roofs. Many of the families we visited were living in homes with one bedroom-cum-living room, one kitchen and one dimly-lit latrine room. In these homes, family, friends and neighbours would gather to hear us share the Gospel message, and the overwhelming majority would accept Jesus for the first time.

Dr Richard Kent, an uncompromising international evangelist, initially lead the way in evangelism, leaving no stone unturned in his quest to win souls – with the result that we were all dramatically emboldened to press on in evangelism. Richard gave us very simple but effective tuition, and we all quickly learned the keys for effective evangelism.
For example, we subsequently saw two of our drivers saved as we were transported out of Hyderabad to various pre-arranged venues. In fact, we estimate that at least 250 people – Hindus, Muslims and nominal believers – received Jesus and were introduced to local pastors during our fortnight in India.

David has a pastor’s heart, and we all had wonderful conversations with him. He also spent a great deal of time praying for the sick, as well as his powerful preaching.

Both Richard and David were able to share some deeply impactful teaching at The King’s Temple Bible College. Richard’s lectures on Biblical Archaeology and The Supernatural Origin of the Bible were breathtaking, while David’s series on The Names of God took both students and our team deep into the character and the nature of our Heavenly Father.

Our experience of praying for the sick was that actual healings were hard work at first. However, we prayed hard for a breakthrough throughout the first week. Finally, a man was healed of deafness, as a result of dogged persistence in prayer. God had seen our determination and gracefully reached out His sovereign hand.
Following this, we saw blind eyes opened, lame people walking and a number of other healings that were a major blessing to their recipients. The local dialect for Halleluiah is “Deo nikki stotram”, and we heard this often!

Paul has an Indian father, but this was his first visit to India. Paul is a very accomplished guitar player, and also became a very effective preacher and evangelist.

Paul and I took it in turn to lead worship for both children and adults. I had never done this before in church, and found it to be a very rewarding experience. The team took turns at the preaching. The local pastors always asked for a “giving word” (before the collection of money) and a testimony. All members of the team were used as much as possible, so that everyone had a plenty to do, and there were no passengers!

According to local culture women are not permitted to preach. However, Louise more than made up for this through sharing of her powerful testimonies, throwing her heart and soul into the Children’s Ministry, and also a wonderful sandwich ministry, for which we were all grateful at the end of each evening service!

For each one of us it was a life changing experience, and we have remained in touch since our return home.
Simon Day, Team Member

Note: Simon Day is the author of two powerful and entertaining Christian outreach books, entitled Finding the Driving Spirit and Suspension of Disbelief.
They can be sampled at www.wiseostrich.com

PS from Dr Richard Kent:
Simon has said very little about himself. However, we all found him to be an extremely able musician, and an excellent preacher and evangelist. We all found him extremely amusing, with a seemingly unending supply of jokes! He was also the official photographer.

I very much look forward to working with Simon, and all of the other members of this team, in future.

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Jesus Heals Campaign in Hyderabad, India
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