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8. What does God think about Abortion?

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What Does God think about Abortion? (Teaching by Dr Richard Kent)

Life in the Womb, with Yemi Balogun (Teaching by Dr Richard Kent)

Introduction: "What does God think about abortion?" by Dr Tahira Saleem
Abortion: The Killing of a baby in the womb
The Legality of abortions
The critical questions Dr Tahira Saleem will attempt to answer
The word "abortion" does not appear in the Bible
The development of a human baby in the womb
Video of Human Babies in their mother's wombs
DNA: God’s design code in every single cell
God knows every human being before He created the universe
Job in the womb
Jacob and Esau in the womb
John the Baptist in the womb
The meaning of the Greek word 'huios'
Jesus Christ in the womb
What would happen to baby John the Baptist in many countries today?
What would happen to Baby Jesus in many countries today?
What would happen to the Virgin Mary in many countries today?
Proof that human life starts at conception
The real age of babies
God will judge us for everything we do
Jesus Christ is the Giver of Life in the womb
What does God think about abortion?
Images of aborted babies
What happens to children, and all aborted babies, when they die?
What should Christians do about the issue of abortion?
Abortion is not the unforgivable sin
Dr Tahira Saleem: author and owner of this material
How Dr Tahira Saleem’s family became believers in Jesus Christ
Accreditation, Acknowledgements and Legal notices
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